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With our new-age career guidance solution

Confused about which career to choose?

Immrse is the solution.


Immrse, an ed-tech company, offers a new-age career guidance solution to solve your problems.

Our aim is to help you make a thoroughly informed, scientifically accurate, and deeply passionate decision of choosing your ideal career path.

Through Psychometric Tests, Career Counseling and a new-age technology called Virtual Internship Program (VIP), we help you choose your ideal career in a scientific manner.

While counselors can only verbally advise you about which career to choose, our Virtual Internship Program is one step ahead. Through VIP, you can clear all your confusions by experiencing different careers online from the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere!



A scientific and standardized system that measures the mental capabilities and interests of the student.


Our career guidance experts help you gain a thorough understanding of your personality and interests through close personal attention.


Through our VIP, you get involved in the actual experience of working on a project within a given career.


We at Immrse believe that ‘experience is the best teacher’.

How did Sachin Tendulkar know that he was meant to play cricket? He started playing as a young boy in the nets, tested his skills on the field and only then chose cricket as a career.

How did Lata Mangeshkar know that she was meant to be a singer? She actually practiced and realized that she could take this up as a career.

Until now, it was impossible for a student to test their on-the-job skills in any common careers like Engineering, Chartered Accounting, Architecture, etc. But with the Virtual Internship Program, it’s possible!


Experience a Virtual Internship and get trained under renowned Industry experts of leading careers, right from the comfort of your home.

Don’t just take our word for it