Do students have enough career choices?

Explore careers through the Virtual Internship Program

93% of Indian students only know 7 career options

Give every career an equal chance.

Students today face the problem of choice. With so many career options available, it’s hard to figure out what’s right for them and discover everything there is to know about their chosen field of interest.

With the Virtual Internship Program, your 10-16 year olds can explore over 18 different career options with the utmost ease. Starting at a young age makes sure they don’t just have a Plan A but a Plan B and C.



A scientific and standardized system that measures the mental capabilities and interests of the student.


Our career guidance experts help you gain a thorough understanding of your personality and interests through close personal attention.


Through our VIP, you get involved in the actual experience of working on a project within a given career.

Presenting, the Virtual Internship Program!

A first-of-its-kind interactive, career role-play program lets your child explore 18 different careers. The Virtual Internship Program lets your child step into the shoes of various career options and role-play various careers through an immersive world.

We believe that it’s not just important to discover careers but it’s important to discover oneself too.


Explore multiple careers right from the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere!

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