Immrse is an ED-TECH company that guarantees accuracy in choosing the ideal career for students. Immrse’s Virtual Internship Program will help the students of the coaching classes get an immense clarity about their future professional lives. By tying up with Immrse, coaching classes can get higher number of practically successful students, an additional product to market their services, an upper-hand on competitors, higher number of students seeking admission, and an additional source of revenue.


Coaching classes have an efficient and competent faculty, reliable resources and materials, and use ed-tech products and amenities. This would definitely assure academic success, but what about setting future career goals? Decisions made in high school often make or break a student’s career. To assist the student with the first step of analysis to the last step of finalizing the career with confidence, accuracy and clarity, IMMRSE is here!

How it will help

IMMRSE provides an opportunity to experience a vast variety of careers through its flagship product, VIP. It is a scientifically-designed, technologically-interactive, and informative program which provides students with practical experience of an occupation in life-like situations. Thus, students acquire practical comprehension of the profession, which is an indispensible tool for decisively determining the best-suited career path.


With so many coaching classes providing excellent service in academics, it becomes difficult to compete and survive. It has become the need of the hour to have supplementary facilities. Hence, tying up with IMMRSE would be a great deal for coaching classes as they can exhibit commendable service by catering to the vocational needs of many standards and boards. Also, classes that approach first would gain the monopoly of VIP in that locality as IMMRSE will not tie up with anyone else in that area.

If classes make VIP mandatory for all students, IMMRSE will assure professional service by equipping the students with an advance online psychometric test, personalized career guidance, and VIP based on prior appointments.

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