Immrse is an ED-TECH company that guarantees accuracy in choosing the ideal career for students.

Schools provide a stimulating environment and curriculum to the students. Highly qualified teachers, paired with the students’ own perseverance, aid them into gaining good academic positions. However, they are bound to face confusion regarding a very vital decision of their life: choosing their ideal career. IMMRSE provides an opportunity to experience a vast variety of careers through its flagship product, VIP. It is a scientifically-designed, technologically-interactive, and informative program which provides students with practical experience of an occupation in life-like situations. Thus, students acquire practical comprehension of the profession, which is an indispensible tool for determining the best-suited career path. Overall, the VIP is divided into multiple segments, comprising of videos and simulations. Videos of renowned professionals in the field provide knowledge about details like workflow, placements, skills required, pros and cons, etc. IMMRSE assures professional service by equipping the students with an advanced online psychometric test, personalized career guidance, and VIP. This will ensure that the students channelize their energy and efforts in the right direction. If a school ties up with IMMRSE, there is a guarantee for each student to get immense clarity and confidence about their future.

IMMRSE is one step ahead of career counseling , as we offer the ‘Virtual Internship Program.’ Career counselors offer psychometric test and counseling session that provides a limited and partial understanding of different careers. In comparison, the VIP program aids students to have an unbiased, comprehensive, and practical exposure to each career. VIP acts as an add-on service after counseling, guaranteeing accurate career decision making.

School counselors may continue with all their services including the psychometric test, counseling, etc. They may use the VIP for students to get clarity about their career decision, by practically experiencing their chosen/recommended career.

The Virtual Internship Program

The Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is a new-generation technology-based experiential method of trying different careers in a hands-on manner and then choosing the one that fits the student the best. IMMRSE is the pioneer in VIP, based on an international concept of choosing careers. It is the first of its kind and no other avenue offers such a program. IMMRSE has created a one-hour VIP per career which gives a student an in-depth understanding of what particular career entails. VIP is divided into multiple segments that consist of either videos or simulations that show the tasks or activities a professional does on daily basis. The videos include an introduction, work profiles, work flow, placements, pros and cons; providing students with an unbiased perspective.

Benefits of VIP:

  • It is a very unique, innovative, scientific, and tech-savvy program which is very easy for students to register as it taps into their audio-visual senses.

  • Students get an opportunity to get hands-on exposure to every realm of the field by practically TRYING different careers, rather than by assuming facts. Students get a 360°, holistic, and unbiased perspective of each career.

  • The Practical skill sets of the student’s chosen and performed profession is analyzed by our expert psychologists. A comprehensive, detailed, and scientific report is generated.

  • The students are provided with Virtual Internship certificates that can be used to enhance their CV/resume.

  • VIP compiles the experience of multiple physical internships into a 1-hour Virtual Internship, which allows the student to gain experience worth multiple months in just 1 hour.

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