I think it’s a pretty good experience because a confused person may have an answer by the end.
Geet Gangwani
It was something very new and fun, and I had a very very good time actually doing this.
Devanshi Pandya
It was really helpful to choose my career and I was really doubtful about the whole managing thing, and it really helped me.
Hetansh Shah
The most attractive and impressive part was the gamified version. I must say this is the best thing which I’ve ever experienced till now.
Smriti Ruparel
The simulations were really helpful. I did the architecture one, so it helped me to understand architecture better, the different types of architecture.
Shania Serao
The professional who was talking about the career, I lived his life. The experience was very good and the way he explained about the career, that was amazing.
It was a very good experience, it was different from other forms of career counseling as this was more student-friendly and it was audio-visual, making it more appealing to our senses.
Pearl Pandya
After watching all the videos and doing the tasks, it has given me a clearer vision. I’ll recommend everyone to do this course.
Sanaya Sabharwal
Even if I had chosen CA as a career, it helped make me sure that I can actually do CA because I had a number of doubts before. I got most of my doubts cleared because of Immrse.
Rishi Tatar
Immrse has been a wonderful experiece, and a very hands-on and experimental way of testing aptitude in comparison to the other tests I’ve been through.
Vrushali Mehta
I thought Immrse is an amazing way to actually experience, first-hand, through videos and simulations about what a person actually does.
Dhwani Paradia
I had taken Commerce in 11th and 12th, so I didn’t have any idea of what is the job of a Psychologist. This video helped me understand what a Psychologist does.
Jiya Somaiya
It sure is going to help me make a proper choice for my career.
Heti Sutaria
It gave me an idea about the stock markets and how to go about it and it really made me understand what the stock markets really are, I didn’t really have an idea about this before watching the videos.
Yash Parekh

I think this was very informative. Everybody should give this a try.

Jaini Dagli