Immrse is the pioneer of a new age experiential technology which assists students in exploring multiple career options before they choose the final one. Our architecture has been developed after immense research by a team of industry professionals, which includes Chartered Accountants, Guinness and Limca record-holders, Nobel Prize nominees, and alumni from Indian School of Business, London School of Economics, NMIMS, National University of Singapore and Newcastle University.

Our clear motive is to provide an experience, like none other, to enable students to understand various career options and help them gain absolute clarity by discovering the best career path for themselves in a fun, interactive and experiential manner.

The Immrse Experience is the most unique and all-encompassing process of arriving at a clear-cut, sharply defined career choice decision. The Career Immrse Experience is designed by integrating advanced technology and in-depth research data related to career assessment.

It scientifically analyses the students’ precise aptitude and immerses them in a hands-on experience of practical, on-the-job realities of an occupation, while being guided by leading industry professionals.